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Custom Synthesis

Customer synthesis

Custom Synthesis and Contract Manufacturing

CRO is Contract Research Organization, CMO is Contract Manufacture Organization. Suzhou Health Chemicals focuses on the business of custom synthesis with high quality and timely delivery under confidentiality agreement & intelligence property protection. We provide one-stop service of custom synthesis, technological research and development, pilot plant, commercial production from gram to tons.

Long-chain Alcohol & Acid, Alkene

Custom Synthesis and Contract Manufacturing of long-chain Alcohol & Acid, Alkene: 1852-04-6 Undecanedioic acid; 693-23-2 Dodecanedioic acid; DDDA; 505-52-2 Tridecanedioic acid; 821-38-5 Tetradecanedioic acid; 1460-18-0 Pentadecanedioic acid; 505-54-4 Hexadecanedioic acid; 2424-90-0 Heptadecanedioic acid; 871-70-5 Octadecanedioic Acid; 6250-70-0 Nonadecanedioic Acid; 2424-92-2 Eicosanedioic Acid; 505-55-5 Henicosanedioic acid; 505-56-6 Docosanedioic Acid; 73292-43-0 Tricosanedioic acid; 2450-31-9 Tetracosanedioic Acid; 73292-42-9 pentacosanedioic acid; 3365-67-1 Hexacosanedioic Acid; 5638-6-2 Heptacosanedioic acid; 5632-97-3 Octacosanedioic Acid; 77327-18-5 Nonacosanedioic acid; 6708-53-8 Triacontanedioic Acid; 109606-76-0 Hentriacontanedioic acid; 14604-28-5 Dotriacontanedioic acid and the derivatives.